Graphic Design for Every Occasion!

F.A.Qs about Custom Designed Siddurs/Prayer Books

Who is the custom designed Siddur for?

The custom designed Siddurs/Prayerbooks are for everyone who’s celebrating a milestone occasion: a wedding, a Brit Milah (Bris), baby naming, and the most popular Siddurs being the ones for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs. The custom designed Siddur for your special occasion will be especially designed to fit your family needs, whether it is a morning or afternoon service, special holiday, Shabbat, or Rosh Chodesh. The final result is a beautiful keepsake which reflects on your family and the reasons for the special celebration and will set your event apart.

What can be customized?

Every single page in the Siddur can be customized. The finished Siddur can include the following:


  • A welcome letter to the guests.
  • A thank you note to the clergy.
  • A special Tallit blessing for the Bar Mitzvah child.
  • A grandparent’s presentation of the Yad (Torah Pointer).
  • A special blessing for peace.
  • A personalized response to a prayer in the service.
  • Opening and closing of the Arks.
  • Remembrances of family members and friends at Kaddish.
  • Honors in Alyot.
  • Undressing and dressing the Torah, the lifting of the Torah.
  • The Havdala blessings and lighting of the candles for afternoon services.

What about size and paper?

The custom designed Siddurs come in different sizes and are always made with high-end specialty papers that add class, distinction and a rich, subtle effect to any book. The paper can be ordered to match any existing invitation or can be combined with additional graphic elements. The inside of the book is usually printed on high quality Linen stock and is always complimented with graphics and full color photographs.

What is the cost of a custom-designed Siddur?

In order to provide you with an accurate quote for a Siddur, I will need to know the following:
1. Is it a full Siddur or just a supplement/bencher?
2. The size and number of pages
3. Quantity
4. Paper/stock
5. Special printing effects such as embossing, foil stamping, special rhinestones, ribbons, etc.
6. Will your Siddur include full color photographs/vellum pages?

The final cost per book depends on the specifications mentioned above.

I respect everyone’s budget and will do my best to deliver great quality, whatever your budget may be.

The time needed to complete a book is 6-8 weeks.

What about if I decided to cancel my order? What’s your Cancelation Policy?

No cancellation allowed once the deposit payment is received and work has commenced.

How is the Siddur set?

The Siddur is set at the exact order in which the service will be conducted, so as to keep everyone on the same page and eliminate distracting announcements of page numbers in different books. Often, guests are not familiar with Hebrew or with the service and rituals, so the transliterations and explanations of each prayer and symbol will facilitate their participation and understanding of the service.

Can I add personalized messages to my Siddur?

Special poems and short greetings from family members and close friends are a wonderful way to customize your Siddur as well. This could be a special quote from your favorite teacher, uncle/aunt, statesman or the Talmud at the bottom of each page or a poem your child wrote in 3rd grade.

Can I use my artwork or photos?

Part of customizing a Siddur is using some original artwork that the child made or possibly creating a logo from the child’s initials. A wide selection of Judaic graphic art is used in context with the prayers which helps make the Siddur beautiful and meaningful. Almost any graphic art can be scanned and added to the Siddur and an array of beautifully designed borders and fonts are available. In addition, photographs of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child, the wedding couple or the baby could be made into a collage or other special form of photo art. All this combined with the use of specialty paper and special inks will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! All I need to know is the date of your event, whether it’s a morning or evening service and, if you’re interested in a full size Siddur or just a supplement to your Temple’s prayer book. After a short interview, an initial draft of the Siddur will be e-mailed to you. You will be guided through every step in the preparation of your special occasion Siddur until all the changes have been made and you are satisfied with the final proof. The actual printed Siddurs will be ready a week before your event.